Tumark® Eye

360° ultrasound visibility


Intelligent design of the eye-marker provides good visibility in ultrasound, X-ray and MRI


Marker expands into shape upon deployment and anchors firmly in the tissue

Single-handed operation

Ergonomic handle allows for single-handed use

Tumark® Eye

Highly distinctive shape with 360° ultrasound visibility

With its bent shape and an open center, “the eye”, the Tumark Eye biopsy site marker is visible 360° under ultrasound. In addition, the twisted ends make the site marker highly echogenic and enhance ultrasound visibility. The distinctive marker design also allows a clear identification in other imaging procedures (X-ray, CT, MRI).

  • Good visibility in ultrasound, X-ray and MRI [1]
  • Long-term stability, particularly important in neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT)
  • Marker made from long-term stable implant material Nitinol
  • Simple handling
  • 18 Gauge thin, sharp puncture cannula
  • Ergonomic handle allows for single-handed use

[1] Tumark Eye marker is MRI compatible. Tumark Eye application device is not suitable for use in MRI. For biopsy site marking in MRI, we recommend Tumark Vision MRI and Tumark MRI.

Tumark® Eye in imaging methods

tissue marker

Order information

Tumark® Eye

Product code 271510 / 18 Gauge / 1.20 mm diameter / 100 mm cannula length
Product code 271512 / 18 Gauge / 1.20 mm diameter / 120 mm cannula length

Packing unit per product: 10 pieces, minimum order quantities may be required
Shelf life from production date: 5 years

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