Clinical application

Wire localization with
Duo System

This video presents the process of mammography with preoperative wire marking of breast tumors on both sides using the proven SOMATEX Duo System wire. The twisted localization wire is firmly anchored in the tissue with a double hook, making intraoperative tumor localization easier for the surgeon.

Marking of breast lesion with
Tumark® Vision

This video briefly shows a breast biopsy followed by marking the biopsy site with our Tumark Vision marker. The 3D marker is deployed in the lesion center. Tumark Vision is excellent visible in imaging procedures and remains visible vor follow-up examinations.

Lymph node biopsy followed by marking using Tumark® Vision

This video shows the multiple biopsy of a suspicious axillary lymph node using our Core Biopsy Needle. The biopsy site is then marked twice with our Tumark Vision site marker.

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