Biopsy bone marrow soft tissue

Easy handling and premium quality

SOMATEX bone marrow biopsy systems facilitate the biopsy procedure for the doctor and minimize patient discomfort. This is ensured by sharp diamond-cut tip, ergonomically shaped handles as well as the premium material and processing quality of our products.

Soft tissue biopsy

Soft tissue biopsy

Biopsy Handy

  • Convenient single-handed operation
  • Light weight
  • Ultrasound and CT-compatible
  • Atraumatic needle tip
  • cm-markings
  • Optionally available with coaxial sheath
Soft tissue biopsy

Puncture Sheath

  • Multi-use sheath system
  • Ideal for multiple sampling of tissues with the SOMATEX Biopsy Handy or other biopsy systems
  • Can be used for initial puncture
  • As sheath for guide needles, catheters and guide wires

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