Safe Cut

Patented Lock-Wire technology

Sample quality

Sample is virtually free of squeeze artefacts

Gentle biopsy retrieval

No moving back and forth to separate the sample

Simple handling

Lock-Wire technology facilitates biopsy procedure

Safe Cut

Patient-friendly Lock-Wire technology

We have designed the Lock-Wire technology to ensure easy and gentle biopsy retrieval. Following the puncture, the patented Lock-Wire is inserted into the cannula. Two 360° rotations completely separate the sample from the medullary cavity avoiding patients having to experience the cannula being moved back and forth to separate the sample.

  • Lock-Wire technology
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Premium stainless steel cannula
  • Diamond-cut cannula tip
  • Tapered cannula tip
  • Trocar point mandrin
  • Ejector with measuring function, insertion aid and additional cap
  • Luer-Lock connector

Overall mark A for Safe Cut and Bone Marrow

Experimental study to compare bone marrow biopsy systems

Our products regularly deliver compelling results in independent studies. In an independent study conducted at the Freiburg University Clinic*, out of eight instruments, the SOMATEX Bone Marrow Biopsy Systems Safe Cut and Bone Marrow were the only systems that achieved the overall mark A.

Results Safe Cut and Bone Marrow

Ergonomics: Comfort and pressure transmission: very good
Needle stability: very stable
Cylinder removal: very easy
No. of biopsy attempts: one attempt
Proportion of squeeze artefacts: very low
Histopathological quality: very good

*Source: Uhl, M., et al. “The percutaneous bone biopsy: in vitro study for comparison of bone biopsy needles.” Zeitschrift für Orthopadie und Unfallchirurgie 147.3 (2009): 327-333.

Soft tissue biopsy

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Safe Cut

Product code 181130 / 11 Gauge / 3.0 mm diameter / 100 mm cannula length
Product code 181140 / 8 Gauge / 4.0 mm diameter / 100 mm cannula length
Product code 181145 / 8 Gauge / 4.0 mm diameter / 150 mm cannula length

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