Lung Marker System

Safe localization of pulmonary nodules


Precise localization of pulmonary nodules reduces the risk of conversion in VATS procedures


Secure and stable marking reduces the risk of complications


Lung Marker can be pulled back into the cannula and released again

Lung Marker System

Reduced risk of conversion in VATS procedures

The Lung Marker System is used for the preoperative marking of smaller, non-palpable intrapulmonary nodules. We have developed the localization wire specifically for use in surgical video-assisted thoracoscopic procedures (VATS) such as VATS lobectomies. Accurate localization of the nodule is a decisive factor in conducting successful VATS procedures.

In VATS procedures, smaller and non-superficial nodules are often difficult to find. The SOMATEX Lung Marker enables the safe and precise marking of such pulmonary nodules. The risk of conversion from a VATS procedure to an open thoracotomy due to inaccurate or erroneous marking is reduced.

  • 18 G puncture cannula with stylet
  • Spiral wire for secure anchoring in tissue
  • Stable marking – cannot fade unlike dye marking
  • Marking with pinpoint accuracy – no unintended marking of surrounding tissue, as can be the case when using dye marking
  • Lung Marker is correctable

Lung marker in CT

Comparison of clinical results for the SOMATEX® Lung Marker System against other localization techniques (especially hook wires)

In contrast to other common lung marking techniques, the Lung Marker System has been designed for use in surgical video-assisted thoracoscopic procedures (VATS). A comparison of clinical results with the Lung Marker System against those of other localization techniques shows significantly lower complication rates .

*Source: Partik et al., Using a dedicated Lung-Marker System for localization of pulmonary nodules before thoracoscopic surgery, AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2003; 180: 805-809.

1Clinical results in the literature between 6.9% and 35.3%
2Clinical results in the literature between 6.0% and 60.0%

Lung Marker System conversion rate due to incorrect marking



Conversion rate



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Dislocation rate of SOMATEX® Lung Marker System

Dislocation rate



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Scientific publications

“The combination of CT-guided nodule fixation with spiral wire and the subsequent thoracoscopic resection is an efficient and safe method for the diagnosis of non-visible intrapulmonary nodules, especially for peripheral, sub-pleural nodules.”7

“The CT-guided placement of the pulmonary nodulemarker system used here offers a safe and accurate guide for the localization of small pulmonary nodules during thoracoscopic resection.“8

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Lung Marker System

Product code 272012 / 18 Gauge / 1.20 mm diameter / 120 mm cannula length
Product code 272015 / 18 Gauge / 1.20 mm diameter / 150 mm cannula length

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Lung Marker System

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