30 Jahre Firmenjübiläum Somatex

Celebrating 30 years of innovation at SOMATEX

Berlin, May 20, 2022 – SOMATEX, a leading company in the field of biopsy markers and localization technologies, is celebrating its 30th anniversary these days. Founded in 1992 by Frank Kniep and acquainted by Hologic in 2021, the company develops high-quality, minimally invasive single-use instruments that facilitate diagnosis and therapy using ultrasound, MRI and X-rays – at the pulse of patient needs in parallel with the further development of imaging processes.

Passion and expertise

“Crucial for the success of SOMATEX always has been the intensive cooperation with users and researchers, our technical expertise and the close cooperation with our supplier network. In this way, ideas could become products such as the 3D marker Tumark Vision, whose excellent visibility in ultrasound in clinical use is rated as excellent in studies by the Essen Mitte clinic and the Berlin Charité, among others.[1] And now we are working on combining the extensive possibilities of the Hologic world with ours in order to implement new projects in a completely different framework,” explains Dirk Hornscheidt, Innovation Manager at SOMATEX.

“Our research and development department has grown significantly over the past 30 years. We are proud to present ourselves today as a diverse team of young professionals, experienced employees and long-standing experts,” explains Sophie Melzer, Head of R&D and Innovation at SOMATEX. “A high degree of passion, initiative and close teamwork is behind every development and characterizes our products. The team’s heart product includes, for example, the intra-uterine shunt (IUS) for fetuses with obstructive urinary tract disorders. The survival rate with the IUS is significantly higher than with other methods. The results of a study also show normal kidney function in 72% of newborns.[2] Something like that moves and motivates us on a personal level.”

First-class solutions from screening to therapy

“With the acquisition of SOMATEX, we have greatly strengthened our labeling and localization portfolio, which is now an integral part of breast cancer care. Users now receive solutions from a single source at almost every point on our breast continuum of care, here with a focus on the senological treatment path. In particular, the excellent visibility of the latest SOMATEX 3D markers in ultrasound in conjunction with Hologic’s leading Supersonic Mammasonography are a perfect example of the synergies gained,” says Wouter Peperstraete, General Manager DACH at Hologic. “I look forward to continuing to create innovations that improve women’s health with and through SOMATEX as part of the Hologic family in the years to come, and congratulations on this anniversary.”

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