Lung marker Somatex

SOMATEX® launches Lung Marker System in the US

Berlin, May 18, 2020 – With its expansion on the North American market, the German medical device manufacturer SOMATEX introduces the Lung Marker System in the US. Recently FDA listed, the tried and tested lung tissue marker enables secure localization of smaller, non-superficial pulmonary nodules. “We are excited to launch our product in the US to fulfill the growing market need for lung tumor localization,” says Dan Furnas, Vice President Sales at SOMATEX USA.

Lung tumor localization is becoming more and more important as recent technical progress in lung cancer screening allowing for earlier detection of small pulmonary nodules. However, smaller and non-palpable nodules are often difficult to find in surgical video-assisted thoracoscopic procedures (VATS) and robotic-assisted thoracoscopic procedures (RATS), making accurate localization a decisive factor for the success of VATS/RATS procedures. “In contrast to other common lung marking techniques, we designed the Lung Marker System specifically for use in VATS/RATS,” says Dan Furnas.

The lung markeris equipped with a spiral end that anchors firmly in the lung parenchyma. Unlike dye marking, this localization technique is stable and cannot fade taking off time pressure between marking and surgery. Additionally, the well-thought-out design allows repositioning. If it is necessary to reposition during the procedure, the lung marker can be pulled back into the cannula and released again. Dan Furnas sums up: “All product features are designed for safe and stable marking of smaller pulmonary nodules reducing the risk of complications in VATS/RATS procedures.”

Dan Furnas
VP – Sales / COO