Surgical illumination

Chirurgische Beleuchtung LED

SurgLite – the easy way to surgical illumination

The right lighting is a decisive factor in surgical procedures. SurgLite provides surgeons with an additional light source in the operating theater – exactly where it is needed. SurgLite is attached to the retractor as a cordless, flexible, single-use light strip. SurgLite thus makes optimum use of the limited space available in the operating theater without the need for disruptive light guides and sources.

SurgLite is available in 100 mm and 200 mm length with running times of 40 and 240 minutes.


Improved detail recognition through an additional LED light source on the retractor


Time and cost savings due to reduced pre-preparation and preparation times


Easy attachment through bending and gluing to the retractor

Flexible LED system

The LEDs on the light strip produce a high light intensity without any heat build-up. The fixed SurgLite system illuminates the surgical field evenly. Details can be more easily recognized in the illuminated tissue. The additional light source on the retractor is particularly helpful for surgical cavities that are difficult to view.

SurgLite is battery-operated. There are no light guides that could interfere with surgeons during the operation. For assembly, the flexible strip is adapted to the retractor and glued on. After use, SurgLite can be detached from the retractor.

SurgLite as additional light source in the OR – exactly where it’s needed

  • Time and cost savings due to easy handling
  • Flexible design for easy fixation on retractors
  • Cordless and space-saving lighting solution in the OR
  • High light intensity for better detail recognition in difficult-to-view surgical cavities

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