SurgLite Beleuchtung OP

New: SurgLite with 4 hours runtime

Berlin, December, 2020 – SurgLite is now also available as a 4-hour version. The latest single-use light strip offers additional light in the operating room for longer interventions. The LED system glued to the retractor is particularly helpful for surgical cavities that are difficult to view. Details in the tissue can be seen better with the additional light source.

SurgLite is delivered sterile packed and is ready for immediate use in the OR. For assembly, SurgLite is adapted to the retractor and glued on – and removed from the retractor after use. There is no time-consuming preparation. This makes SurgLite a cost and time saving lighting solution in the OR.

SurgLite with 4 hours runtime is available in lengths of 100 mm and 200 mm.