Somacore Verify

Accurate and safe punch biopsy

Sample quality

Large sample notch and sharp cutting cannula for high quality of specimen

Easy handling

Fully automatic instrument with two triggers suitable for single-handed operation

Ultrasound visibility

Echogenic needle tip visible under ultrasound

Somacore Verify

Fully automatic biopsy instrument

Somacore Verify is used for taking samples from soft tissue, such as the breast, liver, kidney, prostate and pancreas. As a sterile single-use system, Somacore Verify is a hygienic and cost-effective solution for taking punch biopsies. Matching puncture sheaths are also available.

  • Facilitates the biopsy procedure for the physician and minimizes patient discomfort
  • High-quality specimen thanks to the sharp cutting cannula, which precisely separates biopsy material from tissue
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Cannula tip marked for echogenicity gives biopsy needle good visibility under ultrasound

Application systems

Somacore Verify

Somacore Verify S with large sample notch

Somacore Verify S comes in various lengths. With the 18 mm sample notch, sufficient material can be retreived for the highest possible diagnostic accuracy.

Somacore Verify with “Delay” mode

With its innovative “Delay” function, Somacore Verify (900430) has a further handling advantage. Advancing the sample notch can be triggered independently from the cutting. So the material sample can settle. The cannula can also be repositioned prior to cutting.

Order information

Somacore Verify (S)

Ø Cannula
puncture sheath
Somacore Verify S 900480 18 mm 14 G 100 mm 170269  13 G /  50 mm
900482 18 mm 14 G 150 mm 170271  13 G / 100 mm
900490 18 mm 16 G 150 mm 170263  15 G /  50 mm
900492 18 mm 16 G 150 mm 170265  15 G / 100 mm
900502 18 mm 18 G 150 mm 170259  17 G / 100 mm
900504 18 mm 18 G 200 mm 170261  17 G / 100 mm
900506 18 mm 18 G 250 mm 170557  17 G / 200 mm
Somacore Verify 900430 10 mm 14 G 100 mm -    -   -
Packaging unit 5 pieces 10 pieces
Shelf life from production date 5 years 5 years
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41037 Mirandola MO, Italien

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Instructions for use

Somacore Verify S

Instructions for use

Somacore Verify

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