Proven efficacy of CT radiation protection for eye lens in patients

Radiation protection of the patient is an important measure to minimize unnecessary radiation exposure to non-affected organs while performing CT scans.

A recently published study1 indicates that lens protectors seem to be mandatory for reducing the radiation exposure of the eye lens. In addition, national guidelines (e.g. by the German Radiation Protection Commission2) often recommend the use of protectors to improve patient safety.

SOMATEX offers a solution for this application: CT-Eye ProteX, which has been investigated in the mentioned vitro study1 and showed high efficacy in terms of radiation protection. Key findings are:

  • SOMATEX lens protection system lowers the average eye lens dose during CT scans up to 2/3, if the eye lens is exposed to the direct beam of radiation.
  • CT eye protection is most effective in CT angiography systems without dose reduction techniques. 78% radiation reduction with the CT-Eye ProteX.
  • In conclusion, eye protectors should be mandatory for cranial CT scans.

1 Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology, University Hospital Essen.
2 Strahlenschutzkommission

CT-Eye ProteX / CT-Gland ProteX

  • Latex-free, skin-friendly fixing strips for a secure hold.
  • Lead-free and therefore to dispose of without problems.
  • Lower artifacts through foam spacers.
  • Effective protection for radiation-sensitive organs such as the eye lens.

Eye lens CT radiation protection product for patients

Thyroid gland CT radiation protection product for patients

CT-Eye ProteX

CT-Gland ProteX