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Number of products: 5

  • ART-Mandrin


    Coated mandrin for combination with Embryo Transfer Set, Cervix and Insemination Catheter

  • Embryo Transfer Set

    Embryo Transfer Set

    Cervix Catheter in combination with the soft, flexible Embryo Transfer Catheter as a 2-piece complete set

  • Insemination Catheter

    Insemination Catheter

    Catheter tailor-made for intrauterine insemination (IUI)

  • Embryo Transfer Catheter

    Embryo Transfer Catheter

    Transfer catheter for introducing embryos into the uterine cavity.

  • Cervix Catheter

    Cervix Catheter

    Solid, pre-shaped guide catheter for placing embryos in the uterine cavity