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Long awaited results of SenTa trial published!

Berlin, November 17, 2020 – The results of the SenTa trial are published. SenTa aimed to investigate the feasibility and accuracy of target lymph node (TLN) biopsy and targeted axillary dissection (TAD) including clip marking of the TLN in routine clinical practice . This multicenter trial was also supported by the medical device manufacturer SOMATEX Medical Technologies. “We are proud that we could support this important clinical trial, that potentially enables a less invasive treatment for certain breast cancer patients in the future,” says Thorsten Krause, Head of Product Management & Marketing at SOMATEX.

The trials’ findings are of great importance for de-escalation of surgical strategies and therefore for improving the lives of patients after breast cancer treatment. TAD may avoid the need for the highly invasive complete Axillary Lymph Node Dissection (ALND) in a selected group of patients. Recovering from ALND can be challenging for patients and may cause complications such as Lymphedema. Patients with Lymphedema often suffer from lifelong effects: chronic swelling of subcutaneous tissue, functional impairment, as well as chronic pain. There is no long-lasting cure meaning that preventing this condition is more effective than treating it. The SenTa study shows that TAD can be a feasible procedure in daily clinical routine.