SOMATEX® launches Tuflex on US market

Berlin, September 2020 – With the Tuflex localization system, SOMATEX launches a flexible Nitinol-thread for the intraoperative localization of breast lesions onto the US-market. The innovative “thread-like wire“ marker can stay in place overnight. This uncouples the marking from the excision procedure.

The flexible Nitinol-thread is FDA-listed. Nils Drewes, General Sales Director at SOMATEX commented: “Initially, Tuflex will be available on the US market. Approval for distribution in Europe will take place in the next step.” Approvals for other countries are also being planned.

“By decoupling marking and surgery, hospitals and breast centers gain more flexibility in scheduling,” said Nils Drewes. This applies particularly to marking procedures before early morning surgeries.

The proven double-hook provides secure anchoring in the tissue and remains stable. Both the thread and thread end is rounded so that it is gentle to the skin. Tuflex can be coiled flat against the skin enhancing patient comfort between placement and surgery.

“With two deployment systems, we respond to various user needs,” explained Nils Drewes. In the US, SOMATEX offers Tuflex with an 18-Gauge application system that is suitable for stereotaxic. Tuflex Premium is available with an 18-Gauge cannula and the ergonomic handle for single-handed operation from SOMATEX premium line of marking wires.

With the Tuflex localization system, SOMATEX complements its portfolio for the USA. The experienced medical technology provider has specialized in breast tumor localization and has been growing successfully for several years on both the European and the North American markets. In addition to biopsy site markers and localization wires, single-use products for the areas of biopsy, lung interventions and surgical lighting are also part of the company’s portfolio.